Masse Attends Ottawa Meeting of the Can/Am Border Trade Alliance



Members of the Canadian Section of the Canada-U.S. Inter-Parliamentary Group Attend Ottawa Meeting of the Can/Am Border Trade Alliance


From May 6-8, 2012, members of the Canadian Section of the Canada-United States Inter-Parliamentary Group (IPG) attended the annual spring meeting of the Canadian/American Border Trade Alliance (Can/Am BTA) in Ottawa. The IPG was represented by Mr. Gord Brown, M.P., Co-Chair of the IPG, and Mr. Brian Masse, M.P., Vice-Chair, who were invited speakers, as well as by Mr. John Carmichael, M.P., Vice-Chair, and Ms. Joyce Murray, M.P.


Mr. Brown stated: "We are pleased to share information on the IPG’s recent and future bilateral activities with participants of the BTA meeting. The BTA’s meetings provide parliamentarians with an excellent opportunity to gain a fuller understanding of the challenges facing businesses and individual travellers at the Canada-U.S. border. We look forward to sharing information regarding the outcomes of the IPG’s summer activities during the next BTA meeting in the fall."


"Modernising the security and trade relationship between Canada and the United States is the way forward. There are a number of promising efforts under way, and we are committed to continued collaboration with all stakeholders to ensure the success of these efforts," concluded Mr. Brown.


The Can/Am Border Trade Alliance (BTA) holds two meetings each year: in the spring in Ottawa and in the fall in Washington, D.C. The BTA is a coalition of businesses, public-sector organizations and individuals with an interest in bilateral trade and tourism. Its mission is to maximize commercial activity and ensure continued growth in cross-border trade as well as efficient and productive border-crossing capabilities.


It should be noted that the views expressed in this news release are specific to the Canadian Section of the Canada-United States Inter-Parliamentary Group and, as such, may not reflect the views of our United States counterparts.


The Canada-United States Inter-Parliamentary Group aims to find points of convergence in respective national policies, to initiate dialogue on points of divergence, to encourage the exchange of information and to promote better


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