AUTO SAFETY MUST BE EXAMINED DESPITE PROROGATION: Prorogation prevents House of Commons Committee hearings into Toyota recall

FEBRUARY 3, 2010

Prorogation prevents House of Commons Committee hearings into Toyota recall

WINDSOR – The Harper Government must immediately re-open parliament so that hearings on the Toyota vehicle recall can take place, says New Democrat Automotive Critic Brian Masse (Windsor West).

“Shutting down Parliament is now having an impact on the public’s safety. With one of the largest vehicle recalls ever, and the second recall in as many months from the same manufacturer, this demands an investigation that only House of Commons committee hearings will provide,” says Masse. “Hearings are scheduled in the U.S. Congress. But here we are prevented from having hearings since Parliament is prorogued. It is outrageous.”

Late last month Toyota issued a recall of 2.3 million vehicles in North America due to accelerator pedal problems. In November of last year Toyota issued a similar recall involving the floor mats and the accelerator pedal. These two related recalls have raised concerns about Toyota’s approach to safety. A criminal investigation in Japan several years ago lead to the resignation of the CEO of Toyota.

“There are many issues that need to be addressed, such as Transport Canada’s role, the lack of governmental authority to order a recall, what did Toyota know and when did it know it, as well as whether this is the end to this problem or are there other concerns,” says Masse.


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