Historic Building to Be Sold on the Open Market

[WINDSOR ON] After serving the community for over 100 years Canada Post has announced that it is closing the Sandwich Towne Post Office permanently effective April 26th.  Canada Post has been threatening to close the facility since 2011 despite the community rallying on several occasions to show support for maintaining service out that facility as well as hundreds of signatures on petitions and messages sent to Canada Post and the Minister. 

Brian Masse M.P. (Windsor West) is outraged by the decision as well as the process Canada Post brought forward to arrive at this decision.  “From the very beginning we’ve offered to work with Canada Post to try to develop a solution that addresses their budgetary concerns and maintains an acceptable level of service in Sandwich Towne.  They’ve refused our offer of assistance despite the clear and consistent demonstration of support from the community including a formal City Council Resolution to maintain service out of the Sandwich Towne Post Office.  Through this process we’ve found Canada Post to be less than forthright with its assessment of the viability of this facility and potentially in non-compliance with their own Service Charter.”

Canada Post indicates that they intend to list the heritage designated building on the open real estate market with no community consultation.

“In addition to the loss of service for the community, an iconic and historic structure is now at risk in a section of the City that is already experiencing challenges with closures of public institutions.  Canada Post is continuing to show disrespect to the community by ignoring them in their plan to dispose of the building.  After over a 100 year relationship the manner in which the Minister and the leadership at Canada Post has handled and continues to handle this issue is deplorable.” Masse said.