DRIC meeting left public with more questions

IDNUMBER 200807220032
PUBLICATION: The Windsor Star
DATE: 2008.07.22
SECTION: Editorial/Opinion
BYLINE: Tracy Panchuk
SOURCE: Windsor Star


DRIC meeting left public with more questions


On July 15 a meeting was held with DRIC and the residents of Spring Garden Road and the surrounding area regarding the truck route.

Members of Parliament, city council, DRIC, MTO and GreenLink were invited to this meeting, which was requested by area residents in an effort to get answers to questions that have been asked for numerous years with no response.

I would like to thank MP Brian Masse for attending and speaking up for us. Your dedication and tireless effort for the citizens of Windsor West does not go unnoticed. Drew Dilkens attended on behalf of Ward 1 but in my opinion his attendance was a waste of time. He never once spoke up for the residents in his ward.

MPP Sandra Pupatello did not attend, but of course there were no cameras at the meeting.

I would also like to thank the members of DRIC and MTO who attended, even though I left the meeting with as many unanswered questions as I came with. It was obvious from the meeting that this is a very emotional issue.

Many of us who were born and raised in this neighbourhood, and who were planning on retiring peacefully here, have now had our lives turned upside down, with the reason being money.

I walked away from the meeting with the thought that this truck route has nothing to do with the health and environment of Windsor but everything to do with money.

I once again stand behind my belief that nothing should stand in the way of health and environment. This route should be built in the best possible way to reduce the risks to us.

But once again, our voices will not be heard and the governments will do what they want. One can only hope that maybe someone at this meeting was actually listening to our concerns.