FINAL VICTORY FOR CANADIAN AUTO CONSUMER’S “RIGHT TO REPAIR” MASSE DECLARES: Campaign succeeds as automakers and the aftermarket guarantee choice and fair competition

NOVEMBER 19, 2009

Campaign succeeds as automakers and the aftermarket guarantee choice and fair competition

OTTAWA - New Democrat Industry and Automotive Critic Brian Masse (Windsor West) is declaring victory after a motion fully supporting the goals of his Right-to-Repair Bill (C-273) passed unanimously in the House of Commons.

“This is a victory for every Canadian automobile owner. They now have a choice about the repair and maintenance of their vehicles, and emission standards and public safety are now guaranteed,” said Masse.

The Industry Committee Chair commended Masse’s work to pass the bill stating, “I want to commend the member for Windsor West for having proposed the bill. It is not easy for members of the House to successfully propose legislative changes that will better the lives of Canadians and Canada. It is rare for a private member's bill to be adopted by the House and even rarer for that bill to be adopted by the Senate and to receive royal assent. In effect, that is what has happened here.”

On board diagnostic capabilities are contained in approximately 59 per cent of vehicles on the road in Canada. The use of computer control units is essential for proper vehicle maintenance. Difficulty in obtaining this equipment from vehicle manufacturers has created significant consumer concern and competitive barriers. Bill C-273 resolves these issues and guarantees a level playing field. The agreement will satisfy the goals of the bill when completely implemented.

“I'd like to thank the thousands of Canadians across the country whose determined efforts for the last three years have led to this victory,” said Masse. “The money saved by consumers will be enormous. Every vehicle owner in the country has gotten their rights back.”


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