IJC UPDATES MASSE ON HUM: Commission Will Make Recommendation to Minister Baird Within Weeks

Windsor, ON] The office of Brian Masse
M.P. (Windsor West) NDP Critic for the Canada-US border has been updated on the
International Joint Commission’s (IJC) progress investigating the Windsor-Essex
County Hum.  In June Foreign Affairs
Minister John Baird asked the IJC to “help develop a science-based approach
which would assist governments to identify the source of the disturbance.”  At this point the IJC is close to completing
its investigation and will soon be making its recommendations to the Minister.

Masse commented: “This is
good news.  We have been monitoring the
progress of the IJC investigation and I am satisfied that they have taken this
request seriously and moved expeditiously to respond to the Minister’s

The IJC indicates that in
order to develop a plan to identify the source of the Hum they asked two
Universities to develop proposals to address the issue.  The names of the institutions are unavailable
at this time however the IJC does indicate that from one institution the
Engineering Department was consulted. At the other University the IJC consulted
the Physics Department.

The proposals were
reviewed by the IJC and then submitted to a sound monitoring company for
review.  Currently the IJC is conducting
their ‘final expert review’ of the submissions and will be drafting their
recommendations to the Minister within weeks.

Local Hum Activist Gary
Grosse is encouraged by the new developments and is asking for continued
vigilance: “We are grateful to see favourable movement with this noise
pollution issue and remain hopeful that a solution can be found.  Canadian citizens continue to suffer loss in
their quality of life through emotional and physical vexation due to the
Windsor Hum.  We urge all elected
government representatives, the scientific community and educational
institutions to this issue for the betterment of citizen’s quality of life and
the environment.”

Masse added that he hopes
the government will move quickly to address the Hum once the IJC recommendation
is submitted: “The community has been dealing with the Hum for over a year
now.  While I am pleased to see progress
here I know that there are families who continue to see their quality of life
negatively impacted.  We need to resolve
this issue as soon as possible to give them relief.”


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