Julian & Masse Launch Gas Price Fairness Campaign in British Columbia


2011 07 26 -

While Conservatives dawdle, New Democrats say The Price is Wrong–Fix it Now

BURNABY, BC - Peter Julian, MP (Burnaby-New Westminster) Industry Shadow Minister joined Brian Masse, MP (Windsor West) Vice-Chair, Industry & Science Committee today in launching a campaign to protect consumers from gas gouging. The Price is Wrong - Fix it Now campaign is aimed at raising awareness of the government’s failure to protect Canadians from being gouged at the gas pump.

According to New Democrats, consumers are still getting hosed at the pumps – with recent estimates showing Canadians pay up to $20 million a year for “phantom gas”.  Three years after announcing their plan, Conservatives have still failed to implement new protections.

“We have been aware of this problem for quite some time. Every day of inaction by the Government is another day when consumers are being ripped off”, stated Julian.

 “Conservatives are still dragging their feet when they should be protecting Canadians. Incredibly, Conservatives are now telling Canadians they will have to wait yet another year before they can meaningfully address the problem.  Asking struggling families to wait another year before this issue is meaningfully dealt with is simply unacceptable”, added Masse.

Since 1999 consumers of Canadian gas have paid roughly $240 million for phantom gas. The bleeding has to stop now.

Julian & Masse are also concerned the costs of gas pump inspections under the Conservatives’ legislation will be passed directly onto consumers – while leaving the industry to police its own behaviour.


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