Windsor-Essex is a Key Region in the African-Canadian Narrative

Mr. Brian Masse (Windsor West, NDP): Mr. Speaker, February marks the beginning of Black History Month in Canada. The City of Windsor has played an important role facilitating the underground railroad, which served as a gateway to freedom for many escaped slaves seeking refuge from the United States. The underground railroad helped tens of thousands of escapees find freedom in Canada, enriching cities such as Windsor for generations to come.

Every year, Windsor's African-Canadian community enhances our region with events celebrating Black History Month. Organizations such as the Essex County Black Historical Research Society and the Northstar Cultural Community Centre are critical pillars which promote the important contributions from individuals of African-Canadian heritage to the cultural fabric of Windsor and Essex County, and all across Canada. My community's proud legacy as a freedom destination is perpetuated through these and similar organizations. Canadians of African descent continue to play an integral role in the cultural, political, social and economic development of our community as a whole.

Not only is February a time to reflect on black history, it is also imperative to recognize it is a foundational element in Canadian history.