MASSE ATTENDS NDP CAUCUS IN QUEBEC CITY: Jobs, Economy and Environment Top Priority

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                     September 14, 2011


Jobs, Economy and Environment Top Priority

QUEBEC CITY – Brian Masse MP (NDP – Windsor West) is participating in the first Caucus retreat for NDP MP’s since the historic May 2 election.  This retreat will focus on jobs, the economy and the environment and on how the MP’s can bring about positive change in these areas when Parliament resumes on September 19, 2011.

 Specifically, Mr. Masse is focusing on bringing back the NDP Green Auto Strategy which was originally introduced in 2003 by late party leader Jack Layton and Masse.  The NDP Green Auto Strategy called for the creation of green jobs for auto workers.  After extensive consultations at the time with key stakeholders, environmental groups and the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW), the Strategy ensured that the best way to create auto sector jobs and cut greenhouse gas emissions is by manufacturing more environmentally friendly motor vehicles

 As NDP Auto Caucus Chair, Masse is working with General Motors to showcase the Chevrolet Volt for moving this Strategy forward.  “The Volt is an example of how we can move this NDP Green Auto Strategy forward for Canadians.  Not only the health and environmental benefits associated with the electric capabilities of this car are noticeable, but it will generate Canadian manufacturing jobs especially in spin-off jobs.  Three parts companies in Windsor are already contributing to the manufacture of this vehicle with more plants contributing right across Ontario and Quebec,” stated Masse.

 GM is making the Volt available to all NDP MP’s today at noon for information purposes and test drives.   The Volt is currently being assembled at the Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Plant.

 NDP Caucus retreat takes place today and tomorrow and issues surrounding the economy are front and centre. New Democrats are ready to continue their work when Parliament resumes to take on Harper’s inaction and push for practical solutions that will kick-start job creation, address the retirement security crisis, and keep families from falling behind.


 For further information: Melanie Namespetra (613) 996-1541