Ottawa- Today NDP MP and Industry and Border Critic, Brian Masse M.P. (Windsor West) was outraged by the opening of the US Department of Homeland Border Protection Air facility in Great Falls, Montana.

“This is the latest unilateral assault on Canadian sovereignty by the US administration. First we had the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) which has damaged our tourism industry and then the softwood sellout which harms our forestry sector. The detachment of US ships in our Artic waters. Next the revelation that the FBI is operating in Canada without proper authorization, the erection of watchtowers, the deployment of machine gun-laden guard boats, the establishment of live fire zones on the Great Lakes, and now the unleashing of an armada of Blackhawk helicopters, jet interceptors, and surveillance planes along our border,” Masse declared.

The US Department of Homeland Security, which opened the third of five air wings to be assigned to the US-Canada border, plans to use infra-red cameras, sensors, watchtowers, and unmanned aircraft to create a virtual fence. Recently, the Coast Guard unveiled plans to set up 34 live-fire weapons training zones for the machine gun boats it intends to use. This would make the Coast Guard one of the largest polluters of the toxic metal lead in the Great lakes, the source of 40 million people’s drinking water.

“When will the Conservative Government stand up for Canadian Sovereignty? They sold out on softwood and let the White House keep over a billion dollars of our money. Now we see where their spending it-on militarizing our border and turning the Great Lakes into a toxic waste dump. Delays are not solutions. Words are not actions. When will this Prime Minister act to defend the rights of Canadians and the sovereignty of Canada?” Masse exclaimed.


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