Industry Minister Destroying the Integrity of Statistics Canada
Resignation of Stats Chief exposes Conservatives choose Ideology over Facts

Ottawa- With the resignation of the Chief Statistician, Munir Sheik, last night, NDP Industry Critic, Brian Masse M. P. (Windsor West) condemned the Conservative ideological choice which is threatening the integrity and the once world leading reputation of Statistics Canada.

"This bizarre Conservative idealogical choice of absurd fringe conspiracy theories over facts and science has now claimed another victim- the Chief Statistician of our country," Masse stated. "The Minsiter's fantasy dream has become a nighmare for the whole country. It is time to wake up and restore the long form census instead of making a national scientific leader leave one of our essential institutions."

Last night the Chief Statistician of Canada resigned and stated that a voluntary survey is not a substitute for the long form census which is an elemental tool in gathering data which impacts almost all government decisions at all levels.

"The Minister needs to admit his mistake and restore the long form census. The longer he drags this out the more embarassing it is for him and the government. More importantly, the damage being inflicted on Statistics Canada is appalling and must end now to preserve the capacity and reputation it has with Canadians and the rest of the world."