OTTAWA, ON – Today, Brian Masse, MP, (Windsor West) and NDP Border critic demanded again in the House of Commons that the Conservatives stop making promises and paying lip-service to Windsor and start bringing results to the border and community. Noting that this is the busiest border crossing in North America, with the highest volume of trade daily, Masse exclaimed the frustration of the community to past Liberal Ministers and Prime Minister, and now the Conservative Ministers and Prime Minister, and their lack of action on the file.

Masse affirmed, “This government has been in office for more than nine months. Questions have been asked. Proposals have been made. And yet, there is nothing but silence.”

He further stated, “The NDP has proposed a long-term funding solution that creates a bypass, supports non-obtrusive infrastructure solutions like tunneling, fair and accountable compensation to property owners, public ownership, and an environmental legacy fund to enhance our eco-system.”

Masse relayed to Parliament that Windsor is tired of the empty promises and demanded that it time that the Conservatives stepped forward, and committed to their promises to help strengthen the busiest Canadian trade corridor from Windsor to Montreal.