MASSE DEMANDS TOYOTA DISCLOSE ALL INFORMATION ON VEHICLE RECALLS: Company asked to treat Canadian consumers equally to those in the U.S.


MASSE DEMANDS TOYOTA DISCLOSE ALL INFORMATION ON VEHICLE RECALLS: Company asked to treat Canadian consumers equally to those in the U. S.

Windsor, ON- Today, NDP Industry, Automotive, and Border Critic Brian Masse (Windsor West), demanded in a letter (see below) to Toyota Canada Inc that the company immediately release all information related to the vehicle recalls to the Clerks of the House of Commons Industry and Transport committees in anticipation of committee hearings with the return of parliament next week.

“Dear Mr. Tomihara,

I am writing to you today about the recent vehicle recalls and the Toyota Corporation and its divisions’ actions which have been revealed in recent days. The questions and concerns raised are extremely serious and significant. The need for accurate, direct and immediate disclosure of information on all these inquiries cannot be overemphasized. Anything less would lead to a disturbing situation.

As you know, the United States and Canada have an integrated vehicle market. There is a level of harmonization and standardization between our two countries in the automotive sector that has existed for a significant period of time. In your previous response to a letter I wrote you on November 25, 2009, you stated that the vehicles distributed by Toyota Canada Inc (TCI) are not identical to those sold by Toyota Motor Sales Inc. (TMS). Additionally, the press conference held by executives from TCI yesterday has created confusion as the attempt was made to distinguish between Toyota’s US and Canadian divisions. This needs to be clarified.

As part of the process to rectify this situation would be to disclose the answers TMS has provided to the information requests of the United States National Highway and Safety Administration in regards to the vehicle recalls converted to the relevant Canadian market equivalent to Transport Canada, the House of Commons (HOC) Industry, Science and Technology Committee and the HOC Transport, Infrastructure, Communities Committee. Additionally, a comprehensive and complete disclosure of the differences between the vehicles sold in Canada and those in the United States needs to be provided to the HOC Committees and Transport Canada. These documents would include the differences in the recalls between the two countries and the specific actions that differed by each of the divisions. The veracity of the claims made in TCI’s press conference must be substantiated in a more detailed submission. Furthermore, the release of TMS corporate memoranda that according to media reports characterize the prioritization of profitability over vehicle safety must be explained in a comprehensive written submission to the HOC committees and Transport Canada.

With parliament returning next week for a new session the questions and requests made in this letter will need to be satisfied in a very short time frame. Please submit these documents to the respective Committee clerks.

I look forward to your response.


Brian Masse, M. P.
Windsor West”


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