MASSE IN THE HOUSE: Brian Masse Statement on C-290 NDP Single Event Sports Betting Bill


Mr. Brian Masse (Windsor West, NDP): Mr. Speaker, for months now, an important bill that passed through the House unopposed sits in the Senate penalty box waiting for a final vote at third reading.

    Bill C-290 would legalize single events sports betting in Canada and is a game changer for the largest segment of the entertainment industry in Canada. With hundreds and thousands of jobs, massive public investment and billions of dollars of public revenue at stake, the government is a healthy scratch on Bill C-290, while the unaccountable Senate fumbles the ball.

    In addition to all-party support in the elected House, both business and labour groups across Canada are fans of C-290. The government is blowing this call, turning a blind eye to a major interference penalty from a small group of unaccountable senators clogging up the progress of this critical bill.

    Worse, by sitting this one out, bookies, gangsters and illegal online gaming sites rake in another season of windfall profits.

    We know that in the past, the government has pushed legislation through the Senate. Why is its approach so weak now to Bill C-290, just inches from the goal line?