MASSE IN THE HOUSE: Introduction of Private Member's Legislation in the House

Mr. Brian Masse (Windsor West, NDP) moved for leave to introduce Bill C-347, An Act to amend the Income Tax Act (tax credit for gifts).

     He said: Mr. Speaker, it is my pleasure to submit this legislation as well.

    In the last number of budgets the Conservative government has been reducing the charitable amount allowed back to people when they give donations to charities. This legislation would reverse that trend. The bill would provide for charities to get more money back at tax time so that they are able to provide services in the community.

    It is important to note that the non-profit charitable sector accounts for 8% of the Canadian economy, and it has been suffering. This sector has had no tax policy changes, so this legislation would level the playing field and provide more of an economic hit for our country than a general corporate tax cut.

    I am pleased to table the bill in an effort to help support Canadian charities and to make sure that they remain sustainable with the economy the way it is right now.

    Mr. Brian Masse (Windsor West, NDP) moved for leave to introduce Bill C-348, An Act to prevent psychological harassment in the workplace and to make consequential amendments to another Act.

     He said: Mr. Speaker, it is my pleasure to submit this legislation which deals with psychological harassment in the workplace.

    The bill was actually brought forward by a former Quebec member who is no longer in the House. I have had it the last couple of times.

    The bill would bring psychological harassment under the labour code. This legislation would back up people who are psychologically harassed at work. There are laws similar to this in Ontario and Saskatchewan so this would make it more uniform and would protect workers from the harassment that is taking place in their workplace. We have seen the reason why we need this kind of legislation in this country with the recent situation involving the RCMP.

    Mr. Brian Masse (Windsor West, NDP) moved for leave to introduce Bill C-346, An Act to amend the Statistics Act (Chief Statistician and mandatory long-form census).

     He said: Mr. Speaker, it is my pleasure to have the member for Burnaby—New Westminster second this very important bill because it restores the long form census and also makes sure that politics does not get involved with hiring the chief statistician. It involves all members actually selecting the chief statistician and gives direct questioning over to the chief statistician himself.

    What is really important to note is Canada has thrown away its long form census. That undermines many surveys that are conducted because it is used to backstop it, which hurts the economy and the way we actually make decisions about spending. It is my pleasure to table this bill that would fix that problem.

    Mr. Brian Masse (Windsor West, NDP) moved for leave to introduce Bill C-349, An Act to amend the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act and the Textile Labelling Act (animal fur or skin).

     He said: Mr. Speaker, it may not be well known but many products on Canadian shelves actually have dog and cat fur in them. Over two million dogs and cats are slain for their fur which is imported into places like Canada but consumers are not aware of that.

    If dog or cat fur is going to be used in a product, this legislation calls for it to be labelled on the product so consumers can have a choice. This is important because of the inhumanity that is often involved with the slaying of the dogs and cats, animals that we have as pets here in Canada. I am sure most Canadians would not want to make that choice if they knew that their child's toy or scarf or coat had dog or cat fur as part of its substance.