MASSE IN THE HOUSE: Masse Questions Minister of Transport on Toyota Recalls and Safety

Mr. Brian Masse (Windsor West, NDP): Mr. Speaker, the government is still failing to stand up for Canadians.
The U.S. transportation secretary just levied the largest fine against Toyota for knowing about brake problems months in advance. It was $16 million for “....putting consumers at risk and failing to come clean about a pedal defect that they have known about for months.”
Here in Canada, we have learned that Toyota executives have secretly known about acceleration problems for at least five years.
When will the minister take action and stop the second class treatment of Canadians?

Hon. John Baird (Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, CPC): Mr. Speaker, let me very clear that the Government of Canada will work to ensure that all legal measures and the full force of Canadian law are used and that all measures are taken to ensure that Canadians are safe. The issue which the member discusses is under investigation by my department.
Let me tell the member opposite about a key difference between Canada and the United States. In Canada, ministers of the Crown do not order criminal charges to be laid.