MASSE IN THE HOUSE: Masse Questions Public Safety Minister on CBSA Cuts

October 1, 2012


Mr. Brian Masse (Windsor West, NDP): Mr.
Speaker, instead of strengthening the border, increasing efficiency, the
government decided to cut and slash border services to Canadians. It is cutting
front-line border officer jobs, including 40 intelligence officers, and the
detector dog programs.

    When we
cut $143 million from border services, we get thickening of the border, longer wait
times and an open invitation for organized crime to enter and exist Canada.

    Why is the
government risking the public safety of Canadians in border towns and why is it
watching all our jobs be lost by thickening of the border and longer wait times
at the border?

Vic Toews (Minister of Public Safety, CPC):
Mr. Speaker, since coming to
office, our government has increased front-line border officers by 26%. We have
taken steps to make the border faster and more efficient for law-abiding Canadians.

what I can tell members is the continuous opposition to working together with
our American partners in order to ensure that criminals and other undesirables
do not enter into our North American perimeters is in fact delaying matters.

     I would
ask that member to consider his own constituency instead of continually
speaking against his own interests.