Masse in the House: Members Statement

MP Masse Speaks in Honour of Rocky Campana and in Support of iCANdonate

Mr. Brian Masse (Windsor West, NDP): Mr. Speaker, I rise today in honour of the late Rocky Campana and the iCANdonate campaign.

    Born in Windsor, Ontario, Rocky was a determined social justice advocate whose work with the LGBT community included initiating a program to raise funds for the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation, as well as volunteering for the Pride Library and Alzheimer's Society.

    At the time of his passing, the Campana family hoped to continue his legacy by donating his organs and tissues for transplant.

    Unfortunately, their wishes were denied when they disclosed that Rocky was an active gay man. The decision came despite an estimated 4,500 Canadians waiting for an organ transplant today. This prompted the family, medical organizations, and other stakeholders to start the iCANdonate campaign and begin petitioning for an end to discrimination by sexual orientation when donating blood, organs, and tissues post-mortem.

    I am proud to have joined with fellow New Democrats and members of all political parties who are tabling these petitions signed by over 3,000 people from across Canada.

    In the wake of Organ and Tissue Awareness Week, I hope that all members of this House will continue to work toward ending these discriminatory practices and follow the positive example that Rocky and the Campana family have set out for us.