MASSE IN THE HOUSE: Petition to Amend the Employment Insurance Act for Better Benefits for Laid Off Canadians

Mr. Brian Masse (Windsor West, NDP): Mr. Speaker, the second petition I wish to present contains hundreds of signatures and it relates to the crisis in employment insurance.
The petitioners call upon the Parliament of Canada to deal with the crisis affecting many industries, including the auto industry in my riding.
The petitioners are asking the Government of Canada for a qualification requirement of 360 hours for EI benefits in all regions of Canada; an increase in benefit duration to at least 50 weeks in all regions of Canada; elimination of the two week waiting period; benefits that are at least 60% of normal earnings; use of the 12 best weeks of employment; and suspension of the allocation of severance pay. The petitioners are also suggesting more flexible and innovative use of EI work sharing to keep people at work.
The present economy is costing these petitioners so much.