Masse in the House: Presenting Petitions

MP Masse Joins Several MPs in Presenting Petitions to End Discrimination of Blood, Tissue and Organ Donors Based on Sexual Preference


NDP MP Brian Masse leading an all party effort to remove restrictions on organ donation based on sexual orientation

 [OTTAWA] A national campaign seeking to remove organ donor restrictions based on sexual orientation has amassed the support of thousands of Canadians across the country.   At the federal level dozens of MPs across party lines including representatives from all major parties have given their support to the iCANdonate Campaign. 

Brian Masse MP has been working to build consensus to move this issue forward:  “Today the breadth of the iCANdonate campaign will be expressed in the House.  This is an incredibly powerful issue that cuts through partisanship.  The campaign is another front in battle against discrimination based on sexual orientation and as important these changes once implemented will both improve and save lives.” Masse said.

The iCANdonate Campaign began in Windsor, Ontario in honour of the late Rocky Campana. Rocky was an intended donor but his healthy, viable organs were refused for donation since his Social & Medial History Questionnaire indicated he had same-sex relations. The campaign began with the support of Windsor Pride Community & Resource Centre in early 2013 and circulated around Canada, receiving support from over 3,000 Canadians.

A recently published report by the Trillium Gift of Life Network, which co-ordinates deceased donations in Ontario underscored the need to increase organ donations in Canada.  The iCANdonate Campaign seeks to address this shortfall in a safe science based context.