MASSE IN THE HOUSE: Questions the Minister on Border Taxes

  Masse on Border Tax by USA on Canadians

    Mr. Brian Masse (Windsor West, NDP): Mr. Speaker, Canadian families will now have to face a new tax every time they fly into the United States. It is an added expense at a time when budgets are already over-stretched. Conservatives claim to be serious about dealing with the border thickening, but what do we get? We get higher taxes, more fees and greater wait times.

    Why is it that every time the minister returns from Washington Canadians have to pay the price for Conservative ineptitude at the bargaining table?

    Hon. Ed Fast (Minister of International Trade and Minister for the Asia-Pacific Gateway, CPC): Mr. Speaker, we have made it very clear to our American partners that any new taxes and other trade barriers threaten the economic recovery in both our countries.

    Last week, the NDP trade critic actually expressed sympathy for the American position on buy America provisions. Instead of expressing sympathy, the NDP should be standing up for ordinary, hard-working Canadians.