MASSE IN THE NEWS: Border Video Cameras To Watch Boats

Border Video Cameras To Watch Boats
National Post
Thu 02 Apr 2009
Page: A4
Section: Canada
Column: National Report
DUPLICATES: Ottawa Citizen

WINDSOR, Ont. -The U. S. border patrol will use newly installed video surveillance towers to monitor boats leaving the Canadian side of nearby Lake St. Clair, in what a local MP called a "continuing militarization" of the border. The $20-million security project will see the installation of 11 video surveillance towers along Michigan waterfronts. The cameras will focus on cutting down potential terrorist threats, people smuggling and drug trafficking. "It's a continued militarization of the border," said Windsor-area MP Brian Masse. "This really shows the distances our countries are drifting apart. Cameras are less intrusive than drones and Black Hawk helicopters, but it is a continuing ratcheting up." The video surveillance towers will be spread over 1,200 kilometres across the state from Lake Superior to Lake Erie, said Supervisory Border Patrol Agent Kurstan Rosberg of the Detroit Sector Border Patrol, which includes 200 agents that monitor the state's shoreline.