MASSE IN THE NEWS: Theft of flag angers patriot

IDNUMBER 200902090018
PUBLICATION: The Windsor Star
DATE: 2009.02.09
BYLINE: Donald McArthur
DUPLICATES: Guelph Mercury, Daily News (Nanaimo)

Theft of flag angers patriot

A patriotic Windsor man is disgusted and "insulted" after thieves stole a Canadian flag that had sentimental value from the front yard of his home in the 2200 block of Lillian Avenue.

"They don't deserve to be called Canadian," said Dan Luciw.

"I'm insulted.

"What kind of Canadian would steal a Canadian flag?"

The flag was given to Luciw and his wife Gill by Windsor West NDP MP Brian Masse in 2007 when their daughter Tina's husband, Pte. Dennis McKellar, visited them while on leave from Afghanistan.

"That flag meant a lot to us," said Luciw, a retired Chrysler worker.

"I want my flag back."

Luciw flew the flag in his yard proudly but would lower it whenever a Canadian soldier was killed in Afghanistan.

It stood atop a 25-foot fence post measuring about two inches in diameter. Thieves bent the pole and made off with the flag sometime between Friday night and early Saturday morning.

Masse contacted Luciw Saturday night and offered him a new flag, which he plans to pick up today.