International Joint Commission Canada and United States responds to HUM

[WINDSOR]  Brian Masse - NDP Critic for the Canada-US Border indicates progress on the Windsor/Essex County Hum.  The International Joint Commission (IJC) has responded indicating they will proceed to work to develop a plan to study and provide information on the “HUM”.  In a letter just received, IJC Canadian Chair Hon. Joe Comuzzi confirms they will work with Canadian and US academics and governments to examine the issue.

Although this is movement forward, Brian Masse M.P. (Windsor West) expressed concern over the process, “Although I am pleased the IJC has decided to move forward on this issue, their response explicitly states they will report the information to Minister Baird. It is important for the Canadian Federal Government to formally engage this issue in a meaningful way. I will immediately request for a more public and clear plan of action, and a public reporting process to ensure we help end the mystery and not create more uncertainty and speculation.”  

International Joint Commission Canada and United States letter Attached.