MASSE MOVES HUM ISSUE FORWARD: Raises issue while in Washington on US Congressional Visit & Ambassador Jacobson responds


 MASSE MOVES HUM ISSUE FORWARD: Raises issue while in Washington on US Congressional Visit & Ambassador Jacobson responds

 [WINDSOR] Having just returned from Washington D.C. Brian Masse—NDP Critic for International Trade and the Canada-US Border indicates that he was able to make meaningful progress on the Windsor/Essex County Hum.  Masse was in Washington as Vice Chair of the Canada-US Inter-Parliamentary Group.  The Canadian delegation was in the U.S. Capital to meet with U.S government officials and Congressional representatives to discuss a range of bi-lateral issues impacting Canada and the United States.  In addition to the formal agenda items, Masse was able to use the forum as an opportunity to raise the issue of the Hum with several U.S. officials.

 “The trip to Washington afforded me a tremendous opportunity to meet a number of individuals who are well positioned to provide some assistance both raising and potentially mitigating the issue of the Windsor/Essex County Hum.  I met with Canadian Ambassador Gary Doer who has committed to engaging the issue as well as Congressional representatives from Michigan.” Masse stated.

 Additionally, this week U.S. Ambassador to Canada David Jacobson responded to Masse’s letter indicating that his office is prepared to provide assistance raising this issue.

 “I’m encouraged by the progress thus far.  The response from the officials with whom I’ve raised the Hum has been positive.  They indicate a willingness to work with our office to address this issue and in some instances have already committed resources toward moving the issue forward.” Masse added.

 Masse will be providing additional information to Ambassador Jacobson very shortly and will be meeting with his Federal counterparts in Michigan in the coming weeks.  It is important however for the Canadian Federal Government to formally engage this issue in a meaningful way.

 Masse elaborated: “We need the Federal Government to come to the table now.  We have some momentum now and people are engaged, US officials are becoming increasingly aware so we need the Harper Government to step up and work the diplomatic channels at its disposal.”


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