Masse Questions Industry Minister Clement on Right-to-Repair

Mr. Brian Masse (Windsor West, NDP): Mr. Speaker, today the industry minister admitted that there is a problem in the auto repair market. I thank him for finally coming to that realization years later. Not bad for his track record, to be quite frank.
However, he accepted a non-binding manufacturers agreement that will not protect consumers, does not ensure competition, is completely unenforceable. It is not worth the paper it is written on. The House voted overwhelmingly for a legislative solution like in Europe and the United States.
Can the minister explain why Canadians are not going to get the same consumer, environmental and public safety protections as citizens of those other countries? Why does he think Canadians are second rate?

Hon. Tony Clement (Minister of Industry, CPC): Quite the contrary, Mr. Speaker. We were able to work with the automobile manufacturers, both foreign and domestic. We worked with those representing the after market and garages that seek to do this work and we came up with a voluntary agreement that has mediation in it. It has a price structure in it.
It has all of the details that are necessary to make sure that when people take their cars to a place other than their dealer for servicing, they can get the advantages of the repairs in that particular place. That is good news for Canadian consumers and it is good news for the Canadian auto market.