Masse Questions Minister on Navistar Decision

Mr. Brian Masse (Windsor West, NDP): Mr. Speaker, I listened with interest to my colleague's speech prior to question period. As well, there has been discussion earlier in the day with regard to the economic issues that we are facing. The particular issue that I would like the member to comment on that has happened recently is the government's failure to act on a procurement policy for defence. The United States has one, where the Americans actually produce some of the actual content in their country, and we have respected that over a number of different decades. In fact, that has been involved in the U.S. legislation for years.
What has happened here is that the Conservative government decided to enter into a contract which has affected the workers at Navistar's Chatham, Ontario, truck facility. It is actually sending $300 million down to Texas when, right now, this government is letting the workers of the Chatham plant be fired. It is important that the actual work that is going to be done there would actually allow the plant to go forward.
What is interesting is that this Conservative government is telling Canadians that they cannot be the men and women who actually build the vehicles and equipment for our men and women in service, as well. So, it hurts doubly because they should have that opportunity, just like in many other nations.
I would like to ask my colleague why have they missed this opportunity and what else could be done in the future to make sure Canadians are building the equipment that our men and women in service use?