Masse Questions Public Safety Minister on Cuts to Canada Border Services Agency

 Mr. Brian Masse (Windsor West, NDP):
Mr. Speaker, again the Conservatives would rather make things up than
defend the interests of Canadians.     For a government that talks so much about crime, the minister seems pretty keen to make it easier for criminals to smuggle drugs and guns across the border. This summer he even ordered CBSA to stop searching for drugs headed for the U.S. at border crossing.

Organized crime must be sending a note thanking him because
these drugs come back to Canada as other drugs, guns and money.

Why does the minister think that public safety is better achieved by press conferences than actually doing real work on the border?

Vic Toews (Minister of Public Safety, CPC):
Mr. Speaker, it is astounding
that that member would even have the courage to stand up and talk about crime
given his party's record of consistently opposing every single issue when it
comes to cracking down on organized crime and those who would victimize our

    We have
made it clear with CBSA, and we have increased resources. Front-line resources
under our government have increased by 26%, all over the objection of that
member and the NDP.