Masse Re-Introduces An Act to Amend the Patent Act (Bill C-275) in the House of Commons

Bill C-275. Introduction and first reading

Mr. Brian Masse (Windsor West, NDP): moved for leave to introduce Bill C-275, An Act to amend the Patent Act (infringement of a patent).

He said: Mr. Speaker, drug prices are rising quickly in Canada and although our drug prices are still lower than some other OECD nations, ours are rising faster than all those other countries. For example, drug costs have increased by close to 300 percent between 1985 and 2000.

We would actually mirror a system that has been changed in the United States. We would stop the automatic injunctions right now, where generic drugs are blocked to get on to the market: something that even President Bush fixed over in their system. That just shows you how extreme the Canadian model is right now. We are behind the Bush administration in terms of changing and protecting their consumers in the United States.

I would ask that this government support this bill so that we can make sure that drug costs are brought to bear and we can actually put money towards our health care system in a better and more efficient way.

(Motions deemed adopted, bill read the first time and printed)