Masse Speaking Out on the State of the Paul Martin Sr. Building

Mr. Speaker,

The Paul Martin Sr. Building—a Federal asset with heritage designation located in the heart of Windsor’s downtown has been allowed by this government to fall into an unacceptable and unsafe state of disrepair.

After deliberately misleading my community through her spokesperson and attacking me personally for raising this issue, the Minister has finally come clean admitting that through her government’s lack of stewardship they have allowed this Heritage building to deteriorate to the point where it could seriously injure or kill pedestrians.

The Government’s management of this asset has been publicly referred to as “A Story of Neglect” others in my community now consider the Conservative Government a “Slumlord”.

And now the Conservatives indicate that demolition of this heritage building is a serious consideration despite the City proposing an affordable way forward that would have significantly enriched our downtown core.

This is a shameful and abject dereliction of their duty Mr. Speaker and I urge the government to go back to the drawing board—and work toward a solution that preserves rather destroys a piece of our community.

The Conservatives have created their very own heritage moment of disgrace in Windsor’s downtown.