Masse Statement in the House on Mould Industry

Mr. Brian Masse (Windsor West, NDP): Madam Speaker, today a group of tool and die and mould shop owners from my community are travelling far and wide to ensure that they are not among the forgotten and forsaken from the Conservative government. This sector which employs thousands of Canadians across the country and is the backbone of the entire manufacturing industry has been left to twist in the wind while the government tries to figure out how to support an industry it chose to ignore until the eleventh hour.
This is yet another example of the Conservative government scrambling to make the insufficient and ill-conceived appear constructive. It is unconscionable that these reactive half measures that have become business as usual for the government and even more shameful that the official opposition which is aware of these shortcomings, has chosen to align itself with the very people who have led us down this tragic path.
Allow me to acknowledge the efforts of these individuals who are only asking for fairness and support, support that the government has so willingly provided to other sectors of the economy. It is outrageous that they are compelled to put so much time and energy into demanding from the government what should have already been provided.
I hope the Minister of Industry will meet with this delegation and start to work them on a solution.