Massive Piles of Dangerous Material Uncontained Near Water Supply

[WINDSOR] Brian Masse NDP MP (Windsor West) Critic for the Canada/US border is urging Environment Minister Peter Kent to take immediate action to mitigate any potential environmental impacts to the Detroit River.  Recently massive piles of petroleum coke have appeared on Detroit’s waterfront, experts indicate that the impact could be significant.

Brian Masse represents the riding directly across from the petcoke piles “The petroleum coke piles on the Detroit River could represent a considerable risk to the region’s water supply and the environment generally.  I along with my caucus colleague Megan Leslie—the NDP Environment Critic are urging the Harper government in the strongest possible terms to act quickly to ensure that the environment is protected.”

In a letter hand delivered in the House of Commons the NDP advised Peter Kent—Canada’s Environment Minister to formally request that the International Joint Commission (IJC) investigate the potential environmental impact of storing petroleum coke uncontained in close proximity to an open body of water. The IJC is responsible for regulating shared water uses and investigating transboundary issues and recommending solutions.

Masse added: “The Harper government’s record on environmental protection is dismal.  A failure to take effective and immediate action on this issue could be disastrous.  The tools are already in place to mitigate the potential environmental impacts of these massive piles of petroleum coke on Detroit’s waterfront.  The NDP is strenuously urging the Harper government to act in the best interest of the environment and the region.”

Brian Masse has also brought this issue to the attention of US Congressman Gary Peters representing the District in where the piles of petroleum coke are located.