March 18, 2010

Ms. Moya Greene
President and Chief Executive Officer
Corporate Secretariat
Canada Post
2701 Riverside Drive N1150
Ottawa ON K1A 0B1

Dear Ms. Greene,

I am writing you today concerning the rumoured Canada Post decision to acquire a large number foreign made vehicles for its fleet. This action, if true, by a Crown Corporation, while the country is in the midst of an economic recession and the government is continuing budgetary stimulus spending, is short sighted and not an appropriate use of public resources. Canada Post, as a publicly owned entity, must coordinate its purchasing decisions to benefit the larger public interest, especially when Canadian made alternatives are readily and competitively available.

There exists in the automotive sector the claim that Canada Post has decided to purchase thousands of Ford Connects, which are manufactured in Turkey. I, along with thousands of Canadians who work in the automotive industry who also happen to be the owners of Canada Post, find this unacceptable. As the CEO and President of the crown corporation I would like you to confirm or deny the claim. Additionally, I would like a comprehensive explanation of the requirements of the vehicles needed by Canada Post, an enumeration of all vehicles evaluated, and an itemization of the decision making process including whether long-term vehicle maintenance was analyzed. A significant and detailed response by you, as the most senior operating decision maker of Canada Post, is needed.

I look forward to your response.


Brian Masse, M. P.
Windsor West