MINISTER OF HEALTH FLU VACCINE LETTER: Response to Constituents about Forced Vaccines

As promised in my recent mailing to Windsor West, I am copying below the text from the Minister of Health's Office regarding the upcoming flu season vaccinations. Many residents have asked me to find out whether Canadians will be forced to receive flu vaccinations. This letter from the Minister's Chief of Staff clearly states that immunization is not mandatory in Canada.

Please feel free to visit the government's website with further information on the H1N1 Flu Strain at: or, At the same time, further information on vaccinations is available at:


Thank you for your correspondence addressed to the Honourable Leona Aglukkaq, Minister of Health, concerning mandatory immunization.

Immunization is not mandatory in Canada; however, it is an important and successful public health measure. The threat of a vaccine-preventable disease is greater than the risk of a serious adverse event following immunization. In the past 50 years, immunization has saved more lives in Canada than any other health intervention.

In Canada, immunization is a shared responsibility among federal, provincial, and territorial governments. The federal government authorizes vaccines for sale in Canada, performs ongoing vaccine safety monitoring, and publishes evidence-based recommendations on the use of vaccines in Canada. The provinces and territories are responsible for immunization program planning and delivery in their respective jurisdictions.

Canadians should always discuss their concerns withtheir health care provider in order to best assess the risks and benefits of their immunizations.

Thank you for writing.