NDP Roll Out Fall Strategy in Saskatoon

Saskatoon—Brian Masse MP (Windsor West) and his NDP colleagues met at a caucus retreat in Saskatoon this week to discuss a fall strategy centred on building strong policy and bringing accountability back into the realm of politics, while the Conservatives are content to prorogue Parliament for the fourth time.

“When the Conservatives finally decide to come back to work, we will meet them with the well-developed and thorough policy proposals that Canadians have come to expect from the NDP,” stated Masse.

The NDP, who can trace their foundations to Saskatchewan, used this opportunity to highlight the economic success of NDP governments in the prairie province and their ability to achieve balanced budgets— done by numerous New Democrat Premiers, including party trailblazer Tommy Douglas.

Other issues discussed at the caucus retreat include building on the New Democrats’ commitment to environmental stewardship and issues affecting young Canadians. Last month’s changes to the NDP critic files, including additional responsibility over the Great Lakes being allotted to Masse, reflect this focus and will be emerging issues for the NDP this fall. Masse will also be returning to the House of Commons as a member of the International Trade Committee.

Along with these emerging issues, Masse stated that he remains committed to finishing existing work, like advocating for his private members Bill seeking to legalize single sports betting in Canada. Bill C-290, as it’s listed, was waiting on a final vote in the Senate for months before Parliament adjourned for the summer and if prorogued, will return to the initial stages of the Red Chamber. “Proroguing parliament will create more challenges into seeing Bill C-290 signed into law, but I cannot overstate the importance of this Bill to the City of Windsor, and to the rest of Canada. Demonstrating that the legalization of single sports betting will foster good paying Canadian jobs and ensuring that Bill C-290 passes through the Senate will remain one of my top priorities this coming fall,” stated Masse.