Release January 25, 2011

Masse catches Canada Post “Cooking the Books”

[WINDSOR, ON] Canada Post has been investigating the possibility of removing some services from the Sandwich Towne Post Office. Despite numerous assurances from Canada Post that there are no plans to close the historic public post office documents provided to Mr. Brian Masse indicate that its viability is currently under scrutiny. Moreover information in Canada Post’s feasibility study of the Sandwich Towne Post Office is highly questionable.

“I have a feasibility study done by Canada Post on the Sandwich Towne Post office that is fraught with inaccuracies and misstatements. If they are not actively looking to build the case for closure of this vital Sandwich Towne institution then why are they ‘cooking the books’?” Masse asked.

John Vigneux President of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)—Windsor Local provides some insight. “This is part of Canada Post’s nation-wide strategy to reduce service to Canadians while increasing profits. We know that Canada Post would love to close the Sandwich Towne Post Office but haven’t been able to create the business argument for closure—it is both profitable and provides a high level of service. Removing some of the core services offered by this outlet will obviously affect its bottom line and this bogus study is designed bolster their argument.”

The Sandwich Towne Post Office at Sandwich and Mill opened originally in 1907 and the community has enjoyed postal service for over 200 years, the removal of this institution would be devastating. Dave Grimaldi Executive Director of the Olde Sandwich Towne Business Association explained: “We use this Post Office. The Sandwich Towne Post Office is an asset to this community, our businesses can operate more efficiently, and the residents of area have Postal Service conveniently available. Additionally it is an anchor institution that draws people into the Sandwich Towne core.”

Masse also commented on the Sandwich Towne Post Office’s historic significance. “Let’s not forget that this community is built around its rich history. This Post Office is over 100 years old and is still viable, its iconic architecture and prominent location make it a vital institution in this community. When you consider its history and the fact that the people of Sandwich Towne want their post office and use their post office I find it highly irresponsible for Canada Post to be pushing this agenda. We are here today to make sure that Canada Post understands that closure of the Sandwich Towne Post Office is off the table.”