Plastic in our water? Masse calls on the IJC to investigate

 OTTAWA  ON-Brian Masse, NDP MP for Windsor West and Official Opposition Critic for the Great Lakes launched the latest in his efforts to keep our lakes great by calling for the International Joint Commission (IJC) to investigate and provide potential solutions to the levels of micro plastics in the basin.

A micro plastic measures less than 5mm in diameter and can vary from microscopic to the size of a fingernail. The substances are commonplace in consumer hygiene products such as facial cleansers and often reach the Great Lakes through drainage. Conventional waste water treatment methods cannot screen out these substances.

"These plastics absorb toxins and can be a danger to aquatic and terrestrial life, ultimately endangering humans as the contaminant levels compound while moving up the food chain," stated Masse. "The pending threat of these substances to the health of the environment and people of Windsor warrants a full investigation from the IJC," the Windsor-West MP added.

A pair of 2012-2013 studies by Dr. Sherri Mason and the 5 Gyres Institute concluded that micro plastics can be found in greater concentrations in Lake Erie than in any other body of water on earth.

"If it’s gunboats on the lakes or petcoke on our shores, the people of Windsor have proven time and time again that the health and sustainability of our Great Lakes is a priority, and we must continue our work to understand and address all threats to the world’s largest available body of fresh water," declared Masse.