NDP Pressure Instrumental Ensuring Bell Returns Cash to Unfairly Gouged Consumers

[WINDSOR, ON] After over a year of delay since the Supreme Court ordered Bell Canada to repay consumers for overcharges placed in ‘deferral accounts’ the telecom giant has finally reimbursed ripped off consumers. Brian Masse in his role as NDP Industry Critic played a critical role in exposing the extent of this fleecing in committee and achieving restitution for consumers.

A triumphant Masse explained: “This is a great day for consumers—Bell went to extraordinary lengths to avoid repaying this rip off; taking this issue all the way to the Supreme Court. It took a smart, concerted and coordinated effort from a host of stakeholders to force the Bell to what’s right. Working together we scored a huge victory for consumers over a deep pocketed and belligerent corporation whose primary concern obviously was their own bottom line rather than their customers.”

Fellow New Democrat Joe Comartin noted some of the recent achievements of the NDP in Ottawa: “Our caucus has a well-known history of punching above its weight. New Democrats have delivered for ordinary Canadians consistently on the issues that make a difference in the everyday lives. Whether it’s getting a crucial extension for Insurable weeks of EI or stopping increases in internet fees, New Democrats have a solid record achieving real results that matter to working families.”

Taras Natyshak NDP Candidate for Essex highlighted how effective New Democrats can be on important issues. “New Democrats get it—money’s tight and consumer rip offs from huge corporation like Bell cannot be tolerated. The NDP isn’t afraid to take on this kind of challenge, to defend the interests of ordinary Canadians. This is a perfect example of the kind of effective representation Canadians get when they elect New Democrats.”

The New Democrats also wanted to ensure that the public was aware that the cheques had been rolled out and that if anyone felt as though they should be entitled to a refund and had not received a cheque to contact Bell directly. Comartin added: "the cheques went out attached to what appears at first glance some promotional materials. We know that some people almost threw their cheques out with the recycling. If you think you are entitled to a refund you should contact Bell directly to enquire at 310-BELL (2355)."