Brian's speech at CAW National Council

Brian Masse's speech at the CAW National Council
I’d like to thank you for the opportunity to be here today.

Sisters and brothers, the CAW has been a big part of my life, and your help has been a big part of me being elected to Parliament to fight for working families. Thank you.

I don’t have a long speech for you today. I just want to talk a little bit about pride.

I’m proud to have stood in Parliament to oppose a Liberal government that wants to open Canada’s health system to private, for-profit, American-style so-called “Care?.

Among many other good reasons, adopting such a system will go right to the payroll costs of employers -- and that means lower competitiveness and fewer jobs in auto.

I’m proud to have stood in Parliament to oppose a Liberal government that got elected more than 12 years ago in part by arguing against Tory corporate tax cuts. And then re-submits its own corporate tax cuts, again and again.

We were there to block them, because we think there are more important things to do with the money.

Like our kids and their school costs.

Like public transit.

Like our cities.

Priorities we put to the front of the line in Jack Layton’s NDP budget last spring.

I stood up in the House of Commons and voted to implement anti-scab legislation in federal jurisdiction.

I was proud to do that because I know it’s the right thing to do.

And I watched every single Liberal Cabinet minister – including some of the ones who were in this hall yesterday – vote to kill that legislation.

I was proud to stand next to David Christopherson when he introduced a law to put pension payments at the front of the line if a company goes bankrupt.

And I was proud to join our NDP team in taking on Liberal Minister David Emerson when he said that measure was bad for business.

And I’m proud to be in Windsor – fighting to get our air cleaned up. Fighting pollution that is causing some of the highest cancer rates in Canada – in Windsor – the place Paul Martin calls home.

New Democrats are fighting to clean up the air in Paul Martin’s home town – fighting to get funding for treatment and research.

I’m proud to be running as a New Democrat in this election, because my party cares about my community and the industry that keeps it alive.

Our Leader came to Oshawa two days ago and spelled out a detailed plan to build a future for our communities and our industry.

He said we were for:

R&D investment
Targeted incentives tied to new product lines and jobs
Fair trade
And fixing border infrastructure --- THE critical issue in my community, and in every community that has anything to do with the automotive industry.
I’m proud to be running as a New Democrat because Jack Layton said two days ago that any party who wants to work with us in the next Parliament had better understand that that car strategy is part of the package.

I’m proud to be running as a New Democrat because I don’t condone corruption and the theft of public money. It’s time to clean up Ottawa.

I’m proud to be running for a Party that has Peggy Nash and Joe Comartin on its slate.

I’m proud that I can count of the support of thousands of CAW members and their families in this election.

I’m proud to be running for a party who knows whose side it’s on.

Thank you.