Liberals Fail To Stop Guns At Border

Liberals Fail To Stop Guns At Border
12 years of Liberal broken promises
WINDSOR – Brian Masse, MP for Windsor West, described the Liberal promise to stop the flow of illegal handguns across the border as “too little, too late.?

“People have 12 good reasons not to believe a thing the Liberals say - one reason for every year of Liberal broken promises,? said Joe Comartin, MP for Windsor-Tecumseh.

“Paul Martin is promising to use a poodle as a guard dog,? Masse said. “We need a real border strategy to beef up border inspections, hire and train enough customs officers and give them the tools they need to get the job done. The Liberal proposal doesn’t even come close,? he added.

“We fought hard in Parliament for action on the border. The Liberals did nothing, while the Conservatives cared more about David Dingwall’s chewing gum than fixing our border,? Masse said.

Noting that the Liberals are promising to hire an additional 75 customs officers, Masse pointed out that 58 border crossings are not staffed at night, and that 51 of these crossing points do not even have a video camera to film illegal crossings.

Masse and Comartin said that during the campaign the NDP will be releasing a comprehensive plan to fight crime.