WDBA Missed Deadlines, Having Difficulty Securing Required Land and Investigating Other Options Not Germane to Project


AUGUST 5TH, 2016



[WINDSOR] Brian Masse M.P. (Windsor West) expressed deep concerns with the WDBA leadership regarding the progress on the Gordie Howe International Bridge Project.  Recently the Interim Chair along with the President and CEO of the Windsor Detroit Bridge Authority held a media conference that outlined some major problems with the project.

After missing several self-imposed deadlines the WDBA leadership indicated that they are abandoning their previously stated completion date, delaying the issuing the RFP and investigating the purchase of another crossing – the Ambassador Bridge.

Masse is concerned that the WDBA leadership is losing focus: “When did this project go from build to buy? This border process has always been abot following a well-conceived, inclusive and transparent process.  The idea of avoiding a potentially litigious property acquisition by purchasing an aging, crumbling piece of infrastructure that today is at the height of its value moving forward is not appropriate at this time. There is a legal process available for the WDBA to vet before we even begin to consider a new and potentially multi-billion dollar expenditure.”

Further Masse raised the question of the timing of the RFQ/RFP process if the required property acquisition process was so far from being complete.  “How did we get to the point where the RFP is ‘ready to go’ but is being delayed because we aren’t even close to acquiring the necessary property to actually build the crossing? We’ve know for well over a year the exact properties that would be required and who owned them and yet the WDBA decided to put its administrative focus on this element that is on hold now.  It begs some very serious questions about the objectives identified by the leadership and their ability to execute this project moving forward.” Masse added.

Masse has written Transport Minister the Honourable Amarjeet Sohi to assess the performance and progress of the WDBA: “I have asked the Minister to take a very thorough look at what is happening at the WDBA, this project is too important to be undermined by mismanagement.”


Click on the Link below to see Brian's letter to Minister Sohi