Analysis of New Regulations Continues

[OTTAWA] Last week the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) brought forward new regulations aimed at mitigating the presence of Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) in Canada.  These regulations come months after NDP Critic for the Great Lakes Brian Masse MP (Windsor West) launched a campaign to address the threat of infestation from Invasive Carps. In October Masse tabled a Private Members Bill C-629 An Act to Amend the Fisheries Act (Invasive Carp) that would have dramatically reduced this threat from the land border crossing vector, identified by DFO as a significant vulnerability.

A key element of Masse’s legislation was the requirement that Invasive Carps be eviscerated prior to entering Canada: “Invasive Carps have what’s been referred to as a ‘zombie’ like ability to sustain themselves outside of an aquatic environment for up to 2 days. We have seen shippers attempt to import Invasive Carps packed in ice and apparently dead which upon further investigation have been shown to in fact be alive. The evisceration requirement is critical insofar as it ensures that these fish pose no threat to the ecosystem whatsoever.”

Masse continues to scrutinize the regulations brought forward by the government to ensure that it puts in place the proper protections for the Great Lakes.

“We have to remain vigilant with respect to our approach to protecting and preserving the Great Lakes. They are an irreplaceable resource represent over $5 TRILLION in GDP in both Canada and the United States, supporting millions of jobs across numerous sectors and enhancing quality of life for virtually every person that lives in the Great Lakes Basin. We still have plenty of work to do to ensure that they remain viable for future generations.” Masse added.