Will Scrutinize To Ensure Measures Are Strong Enough


[WINDSOR] Brian Masse MP (Windsor West) and NDP Critic for the Great Lakes is declaring victory today after Gail Shea Minister of Fisheries and Oceans announced new regulations to address Aquatic Invasive Species.  On October 1st Mr. Masse tabled a bill in the House of Commons that appears to include several of the same measures found in the new regulations including increasing fines and extending enforcement powers to CBSA Officers. 

Masse launched the campaign to bring these changes forward in Sarnia in July of this year along with several partners from both the angling community and the Customs and Immigration Union.

Masse expressed cautious relief that the government has brought forward new regulation to strengthen protections for the Great Lakes from Aquatic Invasive Species: “I am excited that the government has finally moved to address Aquatic Invasive Species in Canada.  These long overdue new regulations are absolutely essential measures that have to be put in place to mitigate the potentially calamitous infestation of our most precious resources. I will be scrutinizing these new measures in order to ensure that they fully address the threats that land based vectors represent.”

On October 1st of this year Masse tabled legislation to mitigate potential Invasive Carp infestation in the Great Lakes through land based border crossings by requiring Invasive Carp be eviscerated prior to entering into Canada.  Additionally his bill extends enforcement powers to CBSA Officers and increases the fines for illegally importing live Invasive Carp.

“The measures brought forward in my bill add enforcement powers at our borders, increases deterrence and closes land based transport as a potential vector for infestation. I expect the government’s regulatory changes to achieve the same objectives.” Masse added.