MASSE IN THE HOUSE: Brian Urges Government to Act on Auto Industry Now

Hansard – Masse on the Auto Industry
April 30, 2009
Mr. Brian Masse (Windsor West, NDP): Mr. Speaker, many Canadian workers and communities stopped what they were doing today to huddle around the TV and watch President Obama decide their fate. Extraordinary measures were taken to prevent the collapse of the Chrysler Corporation because hedge fund vultures refused to participate in a solution.
Meanwhile in Canada we once again wait to see a plan. The NDP called for a green car strategy five years ago to produce low emission, fuel efficient vehicles and put Canada on the cutting edge of the new automotive revolution.
Obama's call for these same measures and commitment to provide leadership and a plan is what is missing here in Canada. Canada needs to restart the Canadian auto partnership council, provide low interest loans to Canadians for new vehicle and lease purchases, and an incentive program as in the United States, Germany, Britain and others have taken to kickstart consumers and help communities and workers who are on the brink.
I challenge the government to wake up and put its partisanship aside, stop blaming workers and start working for solutions to make sure our men and women have jobs and our communities are strengthened.