MASSE IN THE HOUSE: Questions the Minister on Tourism Funding in Budget 2015

    Mr. Brian Masse (Windsor West, NDP): Mr. Speaker, the Conservatives also neglected the tourism industry.

    Tourism is responsible for over 600,000 jobs in Canada, but over the last decade, Canada has dropped nine places as an international tourism destination, from seventh to a shameful sixteenth place.

    Under pressure, the Conservatives have finally decided to talk about recapturing the U.S. tourism market, but why did it take so long, and we still do not have plan?

    Will the minister tell us exactly how much money will be invested in the Connecting America campaign?

    Hon. Maxime Bernier (Minister of State (Small Business and Tourism, and Agriculture), CPC): Mr. Speaker, I am pleased that NDP members at least took some time to read the budget. They know that we are putting more money in the tourism industry and more money into U.S. advertising. It is very true.

     This is good news for members in the industry who asked us to put more money in the U.S. to attract more U.S. travellers here in Canada. It is something we were going to do, and it is a done deal.