FEBRUARY 17, 2016



OTTAWA – Windsor West MP Brian Masse has reintroduced legislation on single event sports betting known as The Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act, in the House of Commons. Masse is seventh on the Private Members Business list in Parliament and debates will begin on private members legislation in mid-March.


The Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act would amend the Criminal Code by removing the federal restriction on single event sport wagering thereby allowing provinces and territories the option to offer gaming products that will help protect and create jobs hundreds of thousands of jobs in the entertainment industry in Canada. Additionally legalizing this gaming activity would dramatically reduce billions of dollars of revenue that is currently funding the activities of organized crime, and allow it to be reinvested by the provinces in health care or other programs.


“Right now single event sports wagering is nearly completely unregulated.  Organized crime is benefiting enormously while firms operating in the so-called grey market sports are asking to be regulated. We need to create a safe and regulated environment to manage this activity responsibly; shifting this revenue stream into clearly identified public priorities such as improving health care, education and infrastructure.  This legislation would allow a responsible gaming option to be developed if a province or territory should choose they want to do so,” said Masse.


Furthermore, a study from 2011 estimated that this change, if made in Ontario, would bring between $18 and $24 million in gaming wins and between $5 and $7 million in ancillary revenues at Caesars Windsor alone. Windsor, being a border community, would benefit from the thousands of American tourists who at this time have to travel to Las Vegas, Nevada, to legally participate in single-event sports betting. In addition the same study determined that this legislation would create new in jobs and protect existing jobs in both facilities.


“The House of Commons passed this bill – formerly Bill C-290 – last session of Parliament. I look forward to bringing it forward again, and making sure that Canadians have the option to make these bets fairly and in a legal environment. We have broad support including of many provinces, Chambers of Commerce including the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Labour including the Canadian Labour Congress as well as cities like my home of Windsor, Ontario as well. Communities all across Canada stand to benefit significantly from this bill passing and I look forward to debating this in the coming months,” stated Masse.


Attached are the key facts on single-event sports betting in Canada and a copy of the proposed legislation.


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