Legislation Originally Introduced in 2011—In Senate Since Early 2012

[WINDSOR] Brian Masse M.P. (Windsor West) is shocked after Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau made public comments in a recorded interview expressing his satisfaction with Senators continuing to allow Bill C-290 to languish in the Senate for nearly 3 years.  Over this time the Bill has been the subject of several Committee meetings where nearly 2 dozen witnesses have had the opportunity to testify; almost 30 briefs have been submitted from a wide array of stakeholders and there have been numerous speeches in both Houses.

Trudeau cites a lack of Parliamentary scrutiny as justification for the delay, a position Masse believes demonstrates a level of ignorance of the basic facts around this bill:  “Four years to pass a bill? This is an absurd position for the Liberal Leader to take and one that is totally contrary to the interest of this region and the rest of the country frankly.  C-290 has been studied, debated, written on both in Parliament and in the public—the scrutiny has f\been very robust.  It’s time to move this legislation through to the final stages.  The fact that Trudeau doesn’t get that is disappointing to say the least. “ Masse said.

Masse points out that Trudeau was an elected Member in the House of Commons and chose not to push for more scrutiny of C-290 when it was in the House: “He himself was a member of the Liberal Caucus when the bill passed unopposed in the House.  He’s essentially telling people he’s dissatisfied with his own work as Parliamentarian in scrutinizing this legislation.” Masse added.

Masse is concerned that Trudeau’s lack of understanding of this bill may represent another roadblock to its passing.  “His ill informed position sends a message to Liberal Senators that continuing this delay tactic is acceptable. Had he been following the debate of C-290 he would know that this bill is critical for the gaming sector and it’s nearly 250 000 workers across Canada.  Worse, every single day we delay passing this bill represents another windfall for organized crime, I wonder if Trudeau will be happy to see illegal bookmakers, and loan sharks reap windfall profits on this year’s Super Bowl. I’m calling on Trudeau to push Liberal Senators to pass this bill before the end of the upcoming session.”