Community Impacts too severe

[OTTAWA] Brian Masse NDP M.P. (Windsor West) and Official Opposition Critic for the Canada-US Border has submitted a letter to Transport Canada expressing his opposition to the Detroit International Bridge Company’s (DIBC) proposed Ambassador Bridge Enhancement Project (ABEP).  Transport Canada is accepting feedback from the public on the ABEP proposal until Monday April 27th.


In his letter Masse argues that the scope of the ABEP is too large and unnecessary given that we are proceeding with the Detroit River International Crossing (DRIC): “The Bridge Company themselves have stated on numerous occasions that both DRIC and a twinned Ambassador Bridge are unnecessary. DRIC resolves the problem the ABEP seeks to address and does so better than the Ambassador Bridge ever could.  We do not need to destroy Sandwich Towne in order to better accommodate international traffic on the Ambassador Bridge.  This was one of the reasons we chose to proceed with a new crossing outside of a densely populated urban area.” Masse stated.


Masse believes Sandwich Towne should be protected from further encroachment from the Ambassador Bridge. “The Ambassador Bridge’s proposal will significantly expand the footprint of their Canadian Plaza into a heritage district that is still viable.  Allowing this project to proceed as proposed would further encroach on housing in the neighbourhood which has already been devastated by the loss of institutions, businesses, jobs and schools by dramatically reducing population density in the area.  The ABEP would only exacerbate this situation.” Masse added.


The public comment period for this phase of the review process for the ABEP ends Monday April 27th.  Anyone interested in offering an opinion on this project can find background information at:


Submissions can be emailed to:


Mary Johnson
Transport Canada


Find a copy of Brian Masse’s submission to Transport Canada attached.