NDP Fighting For Seniors: Masse introduces NDP's Seniors Charter of Canada

NDP Fighting For Seniors
Masse introduces NDP's Seniors Charter of Canada

OTTAWA – Brian Masse, MP (Windsor West) today introduced into the House of Commons, the NDP's Seniors Charter of Canada.

"The NDP wants to ensure that after years of hard work and dedication to this country and our society seniors have access to all the services that they need. Unfortunately, I have heard that all too often they don't. The NDP's Seniors Charter is a vivid statement about the important roles seniors play in our society," said Masse.

The NDP's Seniors Charter of Canada was released earlier this summer and after consulting with seniors, seniors' organizations, associations, and advocates across the country, it now contains five key elements: the right to income security above the poverty line; secure and affordable housing; accessible, publicly funded healthcare; opportunities for self-fulfillment and timely access to all Government services and programs.

"Almost 8% of our seniors live in low-income situations and in 2001 almost 20% of seniors had incomes below the low-income cut-off or poverty line. Seniors have worked hard all of their lives and deserve to live in decent homes with enough money so they don't have to choose between paying for food or the medication they need. Seniors' rights must be enshrined in our national policy agenda." said Masse.

The development of the Charter was led by Masse along with NDP Leader Jack Layton and the federal NDP caucus.

"All Canadians have a role to play in ensuring that seniors have the opportunity to participate fully within our society, with true independence," said Masse. "As Canadians we know that our government has very special obligations to seniors and we want seniors' issues on the table now. It's about time."