NDP Opposition Letter to Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

Reject the AECL Plan to Ship Radioactive Waste through Canada on Our Highways

Attention: Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC)

Subject: HEUNL Technical Assessment

February 10, 2015

We are writing today with a sense of urgency and requesting that CNSC reject Atomic Energy Canada Limited (AECL) plan to truck 23,000 litres of extremely radioactive liquid waste (containing highly-enriched uranium) from its Ontario Chalk River facility to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Savannah River Site in South Carolina.

We understand that this spring and summer 2015, trucks surrounded by armed guards and carrying thousands of litres of highly radioactive liquid waste containing highly-enriched uranium will be brought through Ontario, on major highways, to border crossings into the United States. 

Please know that we find this transport, like the past plan to carry it on ships through the Great Lakes, highly unacceptable. 

Damage to our environment in the case of any spill or accident could be catastrophic and cleaning it up would be next to impossible – affecting ecosystems, transportations systems, farm lands and more for generations to come.

Our party`s opposition to the shipping of this waste across the Great Lakes, through Canadian transportation systems and across international borders, still stands.  This plan still does not address the severe threat to the Great Lakes ecosystems, and drinking water for millions of Canadians and Americans. 

The federal NDP expects the CNSC to undertake a proper, thorough, and public examination of the risks, and exploration of alternatives to the transportation of radioactive waste through communities and vulnerable environments.

Yours truly,

Megan Leslie MP

Deputy Leader & Official Opposition Critic for Environment


Brian Masse MP

Official Opposition critic for Canada-US Border Issues, Great Lakes issues, Small Business and FedDev